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Backyard Box Office- Complete Outdoor Movie Kit

Outdoor Theater- HD 1080p Wifi + Phone Connect - Vence Voyage

Backyard Box Office- Complete Outdoor Movie Kit

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Take Family Movie Night Outdoors This Fall

Are you ready for a magical movie night this fall cozied up the warmth of a radiant firing? Surrounded by loved ones all anxiously ready for the movie to start? 

Bring this magical experience to life, in less than 10 minutes, with our top of the line complete outdoor theater set.


With a dense, water-proof, and wrinkle-proof, Polyester fabric you can get a display as good as your Flat Screen TV in your backyard. The polyester mix can even be machine washed making for easy cleanup.

Take our outdoor theater on top of a mountain and forget about the wind. The Jumbo Theater can be securely set-up anywhere uninhibited (with limits of course).

Connect and stream movies directly from your phone

Or, you can simply connect to Wifi and stream your favorite movie service and watch a movie directly from the projector.

The Outdoor Theater Set gives you access to thousands of different movie night experiences at your fingertips.

Backup your quality family movie night with an HD projector included in your set giving you a vibrant crystal clear picture even in lightings where most other projectors fail.

Key Benefits

Family Movies Done Anywhere- The versatile theater set-up and wrinkle-proof fabric allow you to pack up and set-up your outdoor theater anywhere in under 10 min and all while taking up minimal space.

1080p At 100in- Why have a bulky Flat Screen stuck on a wall when you can get the same quality and bring it anywhere for less than half the price.

Stream Netflix Or Amazon Prime- With the full theater set you will have access to the built-in Android OS, Google Play, and wifi capabilities so you can stream movies from your favorite streaming service directly from your projector.

Massive Contrast Ratio For High Color Quality- With a contrast ratio of 2000:1 you will have distinct, accurate, and fully vibrant colors giving you the best possible picture.

2,800 Lumens For Crystal Clear Picture-  This means not only will you have fully vibrant and accurate colors, but you will also have a brighter and clearer image in lightings where most over projectors fail.

Built-In Speakers And Versatile Plug-Ins- Give yourself a fully customized experience in any situation with the many ways to plug your own gear. Your imagination is your only limit.


I use these everyday and wake up to beautiful video of the coyotes that roam by.  I love it!

Joanna B

Super friendly customer support. They are always trying to do there best to help.

Sergio H

I love this company and everything it has to offer. I'm definitely returning.

Steven C