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Vence Polarized Lens- Indestructible X-Ray Lens

Vence Polarized Lens- Indestructible X-Ray Lens - Vence Voyage

Vence Polarized Lens- Indestructible X-Ray Lens

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You Can Catch More Fish Once You See Everything


Never squint again! With Vence Polarized Lens you can easily see every fish, obstacle, and bait movement without ever having to strain your eyes from the sun again.

With UV400 protection, Vence Polarized Lens gives you nearly 100% all day UV eye protection meaning you can fish longer without the eye pain everyone else is feeling.

Our propriety PC lens is 250x stronger than glass and is bonelessly flexible. It can withstand even your best efforts with a sludge hammer making our fishing lens the toughest item you own.


Why Vence Polarized Lens?

Special Polarized Technology- Our special lens strips away the UV glare the water holds and reflects giving you an uninhibited view of everything underneath and an edge over everyone else

Ultra UV400 Complete Eye Protection- Blocks almost 100% of eye-damaging UV light. Protecting your eyes from light and glare damage other shades don't.

Indestructible Lens And Massively Flexible Lens- Protect your precious eyes from flying particles and never worry about breaking or smashing your new Vence Polarized Lens. (Not workplace safety rated)

Designed To Be Lighter Than Air- At 35g you won't even remember where you left them... (on your head)

Not To Mention Stylish- Put these on, look good guaranteed. 



I use these everyday and wake up to beautiful video of the coyotes that roam by.  I love it!

Joanna B

Super friendly customer support. They are always trying to do there best to help.

Sergio H

I love this company and everything it has to offer. I'm definitely returning.

Steven C