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Aqua Slips- Anti-Slip Protective Socks

Aqua Slips- Anti-Slip Protective Socks - Vence Voyage

Aqua Slips- Anti-Slip Protective Socks

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Explore Rivers, Beaches, And Water Parks Without Pain Or Slipping


Slipping at a water park, painful. Walking over rocks and sticks at a beach, ouch. The times of slipping and cutting your feet on your outdoor adventures are over. These super comfy Vence Aqua Slips allow you to explore and enjoy your time at the beach, water park, and riverside without having to worry about the pain that normally comes with it. 

Why Aqua Slips Are So Good?

Protect Your Feet From Rocks And Sharp Objects - Have you ever walked on the beach or river every single rock and hidden debris just attack your foot? Then take comfort in knowing the days of limping back to your car are over. Our socks give the soles of your feet the protection you need in any waterside environment.

Avoid Painfully Slips And Falls- Falling when you're walking or running on hard wet surfaces in painful and can ruin any outdoor adventure, then why risk it? Our Aqua Socks will minimize your slip chances giving you a better and safer experience


Fits Like A Glove Feels Like Sock- At only 20g per sock and comfy nylon and rubber build, we have been told they are so comfy you forget you are wearing anything and some have even said they are more breathable than socks.


Flexible, Stretchable, And Compactible- Our super stretchy nylon build allows for an easy travel experience. You can fold it, roll it, and slip it easily in your pocket or any bag without taking up space. 


Rapid Dry Technology- Our Aqua Slips are designed for an extremely fast drying process. That makes cleaning up even easier.


I use these everyday and wake up to beautiful video of the coyotes that roam by.  I love it!

Joanna B

Super friendly customer support. They are always trying to do there best to help.

Sergio H

I love this company and everything it has to offer. I'm definitely returning.

Steven C